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Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data

We, NAX JAPAN Co., Ltd., hereby promote protection of personal information by setting our privacy policy as follows, constructing the mechanism of and promoting the importance of protection of personal information among all the employees.

Management of personal information

We take all the necessary measures e.g. maintenance of security system, construction of management system and intensive employee training, in order to keep our client information correct and up to date and to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, falsification of, and leak of personal information.

■Use of personal information

The information of our clients will be used only to give information to themselves or reply to their own inquiries.

■Prevention of disclosure or provision of personal information to the other parties

We manage the information of our clients appropriately and never disclose it to any other party except in case that
・they agree on the disclosure
・we give it to outsourcing contractors for the service they require
・it is required by law

■Security measures of personal information

We are taking all the possible measures for accuracy and security of personal information.

■Inquiry about information of our clients

We will confirm the identities and take appropriate measures in case that our clients require inquiry, correction or deletion of their personal information.

■Legal compliance and review of our privacy policy

We abide by the laws and regulations of Japan about personal information and review and improve this policy whenever necessary.


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