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Challenge to door-to-door delivery services plus something extra

NAX JAPAN Co. Ltd. was established in July, 1998, as a freight forwarder which handles export/import international freight and has been providing forwarding and customs clearance services through the network of Nakamura Logistics Group since its foundation. We are still expanding the fields of our services day by day to meet our customers’ needs and to provide satisfaction with our door-to-door logistic services plus something extra.

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Ocean freight

We are providing ocean freight services as well as airfreight as a multimodal operator and mainly handling perishable & processed food, toys, garments, etc. Customs clearance is available at all the main seaports in Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Hakata. We are waiting for your inquiries on any kind of shipments, either small samples by air or bulky ocean freight.

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Bonded warehousing

We have been operating our own bonded warehouses, one in Narita International Airport since November 2012 and the other in Heiwajima, Tokyo, since July 2017 and meeting our customers’ urgent requests for handlings, e.g., loading/unloading, sorting, haulage, storage, inspections and customs procedure.
These warehouses are equipped with security cameras and an explosives inspection device for safe transportation of shipments. Our bonded warehouse in Narita Airport has been certified as the first local halal operator in the airports in Japan through the strict examinations by MHC Co., Ltd., a.k.a. Malaysia Halal Corporation, a domestic Halal certification body. We are ready for meeting your requests for Halal goods logistics any time.

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We are always ready to meet our clients’ needs with our experience and know-hows

We provide detailed logistic and customs-procedural services for our clients’ goods, which range from computer parts, garments, news and event materials, to works of art, and our experienced staff have gained a high reputation for our precise and prompt handling in complicated procedures of phytosanitary and animal inspections, especially for customs clearance of urgent shipments such as agricultural & marine products and perishable food.