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We are ready to meet the needs of our customers around the world with our reliable worldwide network.

We, making use of the network of Nakamura Logistics Group, provide value-added services at all the international airports in Japan including Narita. Our own overseas subsidiaries in the U.S. and Australia enable us to supply seasonal agricultural products all through the year from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in the opposite seasons. We have also founded another subsidiary in China, Qingdao head office and Shanghai and Weihai branch offices, as our window to developing China. We are growing and expanding our reliable network in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Overseas offices

Overseas subsidiaries and representative office

The United States

* Los Angeles
* New York


*Mexico City


* Hong Kong
* Qingdao
* Shenzhen
* Weihai
* Shanghai

Main overseas handling airports

* Beijing
* Shenyang
* Amoy
* Taipei
* Pusan
* Seoul

* Singapore
* Jakarta
* Frankfurter
* Milan
* Madrid

* Copenhagen
* Zurich
* Vancouver
* San Paulo
* Mexico City
and more…

nax world map

Domestic handling airports and sea ports


* Chitose
* Sendai
* Niigata
* Narita
* Haneda
* Hakata

* Komatsu
* Nagoya
* Kansai
* Okayama
* Hiroshima
* Okinawa

Sea ports

* Tokyo
* Yokohama
* Nagoya
* Osaka
* Kobe

* Moji
* Shimonoseki
* Hakata

network japanese map