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July, 1998Established Nakamura Air Express Co., Ltd.
December, 1998Established NAKAMURA AIR EXPRESS (U.S.A.) INC.
April, 1999Opened the LAX Head Office of NAKAMURA AIR EXPRESS (U.S.A.) INC.
August, 1999Established NAX (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD.
September, 1999Opened the New York branch office of NAKAMURA AIR EXPRESS (U.S.A.) INC.
October, 1999Opened the Shanghai representative officev
September, 2000Established TOP UNITED INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in Hong Kong
April, 2002TOP UNITED INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, NAX (H.K.) In LTD., Company name change
Shanghai residence office, NAX (H.K.) LTD. It’s changed to the SHANGHAI (Shanghai) branch office where it’s so.
April, 2002Opened Kansai Airport Office
September, 2002Opened Kansai Sales Office
April, 2004Accredited by IATA, International Air Transport Association
April, 2005Narita Office accredited as a licensed customs agent by the Tokyo Customs
October, 2005Opened the Qingdao Head Office of NAX (CHINA) LTD.
March, 2006Nakamura Air Express Co., Ltd. accredited as an RA (Regulated Agent)
April, 2006Kansai Airport business office Customs clearance trade acquisition (the Osaka customs)
December, 2006Accredited as a Type II airfreight transportation agent
May, 2008Accredited as a Type I overland transportation agent
June, 2008Accredited as a Type II international ocean freight agent
October, 2010Opened Haneda Office and Tsukiji Office
April, 2011Opened Higashi-Ginza Sales Office
April, 2012Opened Osaka Office
June, 2012Opened Weihai Branch Office, NAX (CHINA) LTD.
November, 2012Opened Narita Export Office and Narita Bonded Warehouse
April, 2014Opened Shibaura Office and accredited as a licensed customs agent by the Tokyo Customs
October, 2015Opened Thailand Representative Office
July, 2017Changed the company name to “NAX JAPAN Co., Ltd.”
Moved the head office to Higashi-Ginza
Opened Heiwajima Office and Heiwajima Center Bonded Warehouse
October, 2017Changed the name of our U.S. subsidiary, “NAKAMURA AIR EXPRESS (U.S.A.) INC”
October, 2019Thailand Representative Office was made a local corporation and changed the company name to “ NAX ASIA (THAILAND)CO.,LTD. ”
April, 2020Opened Fukuoka Sales Office