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We are providing ocean freight services as well as airfreight.

We are providing ocean freight services as well as airfreight as a multimodal operator and mainly handling perishable & processed food, toys, garments, etc. Customs clearance is available at all the main seaports in Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Hakata. We are waiting for your inquiries on any kind of shipments, either small samples by air or bulky ocean freight.

International airfreight

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We have been building up our system which can provide stable and quick international air forwarding services as an IATA-accredited agent since the foundation and have earned deep trust from our customers with our experienced staff’s operations and by providing fine-tuned services through our worldwide network, especially on export/import of perishable items, freshness of which matters. We also welcome multi-item or urgent shipments any time.

International Ocean Freight

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We have been establishing a system which can provide satisfactory services for international ocean freight as well as for international air freight.
Besides arranging LCL & FCL shipments, our professional staff who have wide knowledge and experience are always ready to meet our customers’ requests including consulting on export/import customs clearance and logistics in general.
We have also established our international intermodal transport network for more precise and quick handling by partnering up with overseas forwa


Heiwajima Center

Since November 2012, the cargo area of Narita International Airport (currently operating only the office due to the relocation of our warehouse), Heiwajima since July 2017, and New-Narita Wholesale Market since November 2021.
We are able to quickly handle customs procedures such as cargo loading/unloading, sorting, transportation, and storage.

In our warehouse in New-Narita Wholesale Market, has some refrigerated rooms for temperatures changeable between ±0~10 centigrade, freezer rooms for temperatures -30 centigrade, and Ethylene Gas Remover System.
Our Heiwajima Center is equipped with facilities fit for international ocean freight, and providing safe and satisfactory storage services for agricultural and marine products by the refrigerated rooms for temperatures +5 and ±0 centigrade and a freezer room for temperatures changeable between -10 and -25 centigrade.And we can provide an environment that is effective in maintaining freshness by Super Cooling System what highly functional freshness-keeping technology.

Narita Wholesale market
Narita Whole Market
Berth (Narita)
Berth (Narita Whole Market)